Race Day Media Services


Race day video camera hire and video editing available to all drivers competing in a race or sprint event at Lakeside Raceway and Queensland Raceway. (Other events are by request)

Are you sick and tired of forgetting to turn your in car camera on or off after a race so you end up with an hours of footage sitting in the pits?

Is your footage unwatchable because it’s too dark or to light?

Battery in your camera always going flat just when things are getting exciting?

You just want someone to deal with all that and just give you back your awesome in car footage of your race or track day.

I can do all that for you!

I can set up your camera or you can hire one of mine, install it, and supply fresh batteries for every time you are on track, turn it on and off for every session, and edit down your footage so all you watch will be from race start to race finish (or track session) in amazing high definition.

Quick turn around back to your email inbox via a Dropbox or Google Drive download link, that will be suitable for uploading to social media, You Tube, or watch on your big screen TV.

Prices start from $50 for camera hire and a basic edit of your day.

All the highlights of your day compiled into 1 video suitable for uploading to your favorite video platform.